Thursday, July 02, 2009


Along with mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, parks, and verdant farms, the Olympic Peninsula
is famous for its wonderful wineries.

Kathy Charlton, one of the owners of Olympic Cellars Winery--home of the Working Girl Wines, is a Big Booster of Port Angeles. Along with spear heading the effort to make Port Angeles even more bright and welcoming than it already is, she has organized the local wineries and ten of the many local artists (including me) to decorate wine barrels, which will then be exhibited in an empty storefront downtown...and then be available for purchase in an online auction to benefit the Port Angeles Art Association.

True to form, I left mine until the last minute, and while suffering the deep anxiety that Everyone Else's Will Be Better Than
Mine, I knew I had to act quickly to meet the July 4th deadline. With Every Possibility open, and So Much Inspiration in the blue waters and green land of the Peninsula, I had to make a choice and go with it.

The oak and metal of the barrel were too sensual to cover up, especially after I'd used the Golden GAC 100 to seal them. I found an image of a running woman, tossing flowers from my soft sculpture days in the Seventies, and made her the right height on the computer. Then I used Tsukineko pens to trace her onto Japanese paper 12 times. I used Golden clear gel medium to attach the images to the barrel, filled them in with acrylic paint, then coated the finished piece again with GAC 100.

Kathy came over tonight to video me and my art barrel. I may even end up on YouTube! I've seen photos of some of the other barrels, and they're all going to be AMAZING!

As you may know, this area is one of the sites of the Twilight Phenomenon, but there'll be Lots, Lots more to see at the Downtown Celebration on 7/11/09.

See my debut with the wine barrel on YouTube:



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