Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Summer Fun on the Peninsula

As I said before, I continue to have too much fun with family and friends and being outdoors to spend much time in the studio...time enough for that when the winter rains and darkness set in....For Everything There is a Season!

In between running outside to spread more gravel and rocks, I finished Flora's portrait. I'm open to taking on more commissions...I especially like working in the large size: 4' x 4'

Brother David came over from Seattle in early June, and we drove west to Second Beach on the Pacific coast. These are Sea Stacks...
AND it wasn't raining! I'll have to get Kim, from my Book Group, to explain the geology...

We walked through rain forest on the coast at La Push...of TWILIGHT fame. There were groups of young teens having their pictures taken with both the Forks and La Push town signs.

The trees seem to have mystical and enveloping personalities, as I noticed in the evergreens lining the mountainsides the first time I entered Washington as a resident...rows of watchful beings guarding the land, guiding the inhabitants...if only we will pay attention.

What more appropriate words than Majestic and Breathtaking! The driftwood trunks are three feet or more in diameter. What a Wind it must have taken, to throw them way up on the beach!

And even though I promised not to, I couldn't resist bringing back a stone or two for my collection. This one reminds me of a Venus of Willendorf in miniature. The "non-productive" fun time is still valuable, not only for refreshment, but also as an opportunity to absorb and catalog new inspirations.

We headed back into the deep woods...and what did we find, but a hollowed tree turned into a shrine for small natural offerings from visitors.

What a Magical Place!!!



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