Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Beautiful to Work on ART! (2)

Except for the Big Doll. I do want to finish her finally this summer. I had NO Idea how MANY stitches would be involved in her completion, but thanks to Tom Light's help in scaling the electrical conduit armature, she is pretty much in proportion to the model, on the counter at right. She just barely fits under the peak of my living room ceiling at 9 feet tall, and is getting rather heavy and awkward for me to lug around. Now I have to use a tall step stool for most of the stitching, as I start to attach the skin, and it's quite a work out.

I just got a copy of STUDIO magazine, and am thinking of sending in my kitchen/living room as a very adaptable studio.

The counter that holds the buffet at Thanksgiving, is also a wonderful place to lay out big patterns or prop up the big sculpture.

Now she probably weighs at least 50 pounds, so I'll work on her standing, and get help to move her out when she's done. I'm hoping that Eric Swangstu still wants to display her in Seattle.

The next Big piece I do (inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle) won't be quite as big...too much time and work! or maybe a more quickly-accomplished medium than many miles have thread have I used so far?

AND OTHER ADVENTURES: My favorite local band, the Soul Shakers, at the Lavender Festival in Sequim, the Lavender Capitol of the Northwest...smells more aromatic than the Garlic Festival in Upstate NY.

A beautiful sunset, looking west. I notice that darkness is coming earlier now. The heat and lack of rain continue, but every day is perfect and sunny, and each day ends with a red/purple/gold sunset display.

My rock yard/garden is starting to take shape, with sedums and lavender as the only allowable living things (there's always weeding to do).

Where it's so dry all summer, it doesn't make sense to try to grow a green lawn. Anything that's not irrigated is brown now.

I bought a red glass globe at the Lavender Festival and used Apoxie Sculpt to attach it to a stable rock base. My rock collecting and buying continues unabated. Rocks into pocket on every walk, and into my backpack on last weekend's expedition to the Lyre River and nearby beach with Hugh.

And now off to work...sigh...the price of supporting my Art Habit.

I'll try to get back to more ART work for you. If anyone wants to join me on Facebook, you're welcome.

I'd be happy to answer any doll making questions here or there. I've been getting more correspondance lately from Art Therapy students.

I'll be teaching basic doll making and paper dolls at the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim in October.



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