Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mexico: Wedding: A few Art Shots

I just finished posting lots of photos onto Facebook...Friend me for the long version. This will be the short one. David and I flew to Mexico for the week before Thanksgiving--a week at an all-inclusive resort for Shannon and Chris' wedding. Luckily David got me to buy the ticket back in March, when I'd just received my tax refund.

Experiences, especially with family and friends, are more important than least I hope to create an appropriate balance. Same challenge of Balance with Time...between work/achievement/experience. For me, it's always a struggle for balance, but I don't beat myself up as much for not meeting my own high standards. Sunrise over the Atlantic from our balcony. Below, workers were vacuuming the white sand before the guests emerged.

Today I got distracted
by the sunshine and walking here, back home in the Northwest. A piece of Apple pie with cheddar cheese crust at Black Bird was my reward for exercise...Food is TOO MUCH FUN. At least food is still a dependable sensual pleasure.

The oldest of my many brothers, Steve, with his oldest, Shannon, walking her down the red carpet over the white sand. Her profession is corporate travel planning, and she did a stellar job of organizing her wedding, at the all-inclusive resort 50 miles south of Cancun.

Steve's wife, Linda, with the bride and groom. They have been good parents with beautiful, kind, and successful daughters.

Steve and Megan...perhaps another wedding next summer?

I haven't been so warm for so many days in a row since I left NY. 80's and 90's in the day and 70's at night just don't happen in the NW, nor do I really want it day after day. By the last day, I was breaking out in hives from heat and looking forward to returning to the Cool Blue North.

My Art Goal (met, with images later) for the trip was to finish out a sketch book with drawings and collage. It was a great opportunity for sketching, with hundreds of almost-naked bodies lying about.

The resort was in an area that must have been created out of coral reef along the east coast of Mexico, with
channels cut through so all the condos can have water views,

and sea critters pressed into the cement for texture between the slabs.

It was a perfect setting for Wedding and Vacation, without much evidence of Reality, except for down side streets seen from the van on the way back to the airport.

I'm reading David Byrne's BICYCLE DIARIES with lots of discussion about how the design of contemporary cities affects the lives that are lived in them.

One small evidence of the incongruity I love.

A perfect bride and groom. We cry at weddings, wish Shannon and Chris all the best. New Life, New Hope, the Future of Humanity.

I am one of the Other 50% of failed marriages. And my legacy is Art, writing, the connections I make with my patients, my students, my readers. Knowing that Happily Ever After is impossible, I do wish them all the Best and as much Happiness as possible.



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