Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Portrait

Speaking of fall and the desire to return to inside work and creativity, I'm making a portrait of Shannon (my niece) and Chris for a wedding present.

Annie says that my portrait style reminds her of Alice Neel--a TOP Compliment in my book!
On of my many, many retirement dreams is to apply for a grant to do portraits and stories about some of the many interesting people here in Port Angeles.

I'm lengthening Shannon's chin, as Annie suggested. I need to get a better set up for photographing paintings...too much glare, as it's been too cloudy to use sunlight.

A very unusual treat: 4 days off in a row! and no obligations except to work on my art projects and walk and eat and see plays and read and watch movies....What a life! It is allowing me to work several days in a row on the portrait, to have a creative continuity for which my job doesn't usually leave enough energy. In the day and a half I have left, I also want to get the Hot Flash book flowing. Last night I designed a page number logo and discovered that there is a lot of good material in one of the picture/word journals I kept during the time I was deciding to move and moving...more on that later.


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