Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing with Fiber Arts!

It's a good thing it's raining most every day, because there's a LOT going on Inside!

Playing with small, layered wall hangings with a class at home on Sunday...my kitchen counter doubles as work table for Sandy, Jodi, Beatriz, and Anita.

Everyone was Very Creative and Productive, and want to get together and play more often. Sandy was motivated to complete her studio space and invite everyone over.

Here's Sandy's piece, and one of mine that inspired the technique, using buckram as a stiffener and building layers of fabric, paper, and emotionally-significant pictures and writing. I hope everyone will send pictures of the finished pieces to post. That's Sandy as a child top right and Beatriz is doing a memorial to her sister. We were reminded of how much women used to bond and share information at sewing bees of old.

If it looks like just TOO MUCH FUN to miss, come to my small wall hanging class at the new Quilted Strait in the spring. Watch this space for dates.

And Another Thing: I've been working on dolls for Kathy Charlton and Heart Month. Here are a couple of samples...never a dull moment!



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