Saturday, March 06, 2010


I love birthdays, especially mine! I try to make the
festivities last as long as possible, even now that
My numbers are getting up there.

I started early on Saturday, going to Sew Expo in Puyallup with Barbara Light. Lots of luscious hand-dyed fabrics for my stash and bright yellow dupioni silk--a must-have staple for me.

A few brief moments to chat with Pamela Armas and Karen Ford with invitations for them to participate in the HOT FLASH book. Old friends from so many times and places. We are all longing to stay home and make stuff. Pamela's home in New Mexico is Especially wondrous--check it out in Where Women Create.

On Saturday David drove his new car over from Seattle, picked me up, drove us back to Port Townsend, and we still had time for a luscious lunch at Fin's, time on the beach, finding glowing round white rocks for my back yard, a little browsing, and The Last Station at the Rose Theater, along with their delicious, buttery popcorn.

Hugh came over on my actual birth Day and we did an afternoon hike to the Olympic Hot Springs on what used to be a paved road to a resort. Over the years the road has washed away and become overgrown, but it was a beautiful day to be outside.

We could smell the sulpher and see the steam rising in the distance. There are 5 pools, around 85 degrees, and folks have dammed up the edges with rock, so each can sit one or several people.

Beauty Everywhere, but no snow except for way up in the unusually warm winter. Cherry trees and daffodils are in bloom down in town. We may get a little thirsty this summer when there's little water from snow melt.

Monday the streams were high and we had to cross three of them on logs. I am so lucky to live in the midst of So Much natural beauty!

All this is just a few miles outside of Port Angeles. Ann and Allen, you'll Love it here!

After hiking, we were easily able to justify a sumptuous feast at Sabai Thai, two appetizers and three entrees for
two of us. Hugh has already tried to duplicate the eggplant dip with singing shrimp puffs.

Tuesday morning I made my popover pancake, with Hugh on the apple filling. He made it for Connie today. From the Vegetarian Epicure, although I used 4 eggs at room temp. Heat the butter in the iron fry pan in the oven first.

This Friday after work I got a halibut sandwich from Frugals and sat out at the Hook for Dinner. Life is Good!

More portraits tomorrow, maybe.



Blogger Laura Jane said...

Happy birthday Pamela!

It looks like a lovely day out, and that popover pancake looks extraordinary!!!!! I'm off to Google it.

Enjoy your yellow silk x

2:37 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Hey Pamela - I turned 63 in January. Sometimes it seems old, but most of the time it's just another number.
Great to see you at Sew Expo. I'll try to hook up when you come to Port Gamble.
I'm feeling much stronger and healthier after losing Jack and am thrilled to finally be back in my studio several hours a day. Also looking forward to Artfest.
See you soon.

8:52 AM  

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