Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art, Life, and an Interview

My latest portrait, finished this afternoon--a practice for the one I'll give Megan and Mauricio for
a wedding present. The portraits keep taking longer to do...or I keep taking longer to do them. I don't want to lose the spontaneity of the earlier quick ones, when I finished three in a day. Are the more recent ones "better" because they're more carefully done, or is there a magic in moving quickly and not over-working?

Mostly, I'm painting for my own pleasure, so neither really matters...whatever I do, I learn and gain eye-hand/paint-handling skills a bit at a time. Looking at the image online is different from studying it in person, too.

What drives us to make ART? It doesn't fill any of my food/clothing/shelter needs right now...maybe when people have more disposable income...or think they do? Anyway I can't seem to stop making it. Paintings on paper take up the least amount of storage space.

Opportunities present themselves from time to time and it's best to be ready, with a constant stream of new work. I started this 10" x 10" canvas in a life drawing group and finished it today with paint and collage. I like the square format and can fit almost any pose into it.

Sandy Long asked me to bring paintings to her Crawfish Gumbo fund raising party for PAFAC in July, and Friday Christy asked me to hang a show at Karon's Frames later in the summer, so time to start finishing works in progress. How many UFO's do You have?

This painting has been in a corner of the studio waiting for way too long. I was inspired by my brother, David's, use of collage and sewing on Japanese paper. I traced some of the images from life drawing, stitched on them, and used gel medium to attach them to the canvas, adding cut up samples on matte board from Laura DiPirro's Golden class.

I'm working for more texture and complexity, which doesn't seem to be a problem in my fabric works.
I keep discovering avenues that I would certainly like to explore in more depth...I guess that's what retirement will be for...if I can ever make it there and still remember what I've been wanting to do!

Distractions: Now that there are some signs of a sort of a sunny,
sort of spring-like time coming around, the outdoors is a constant pull...Sally and I went to the beach in Port Townsend on Memorial Day weekend with an exceptionally low tide. She...and a lot of other people in spite of the intermittent rain...was looking for beach glass, and I for white rocks.

The west end of my back yard yesterday. There is a yellow sedum propagating all down the hill, and
the Victoria Lilacs I planted three years ago (at the end of the fence) are covered in purple. I'm terracing across the hill with slabs of mica-sparkled stone, and I didn't take a new picture yet, but the spirals are starting to connect and spread into larger and more complex designs. For a low-budget, high-sweat job, it looks rather interesting. I worked the whole yard canvas at once and now the parts are starting to make sense as a whole.


What a surprise: I got interviewed online last week about my blog, and was trying to fill out the questionnaire after coming home from work over several nights, erasing it by accident two times before I got it....I'm sure my answers changed. Click on the link above to vote for me, and Stay Tuned! I'm working on some cool tiny skeletons for my Angels and Icons class at Art-Is-You in CT in October.

I'm still soliciting interesting contributions for HOT FLASH: A CELEBRATION and posting some samples on my Pamela page on Facebook.



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