Friday, May 28, 2010

Art and Life

Two more portraits to add to my Body of Work! I'm really enjoying doing these, getting into the Zone, when Time stands still. This is my friend, Patti Gibbons from the Hudson Valley. Annie, Patti, and I traveled through Maine and Nova Scotia together two years ago and will hang out together again this summer when I go East to teach at Art-Is-You in CT in October.

I'm not as happy with the first (horizontal) portrait of Patti...making ART always makes me want to make MORE. The photo of Patti smoking that I used for this painting was taken in Annie's back yard, the night I left NY for the West...neither of them usually smokes, and I never do. Interesting to see how each painting shows a different aspect of Patti. You can see her at her blog:

This is the portrait of Loel Annie Barr from that same night in June 2005. It would be fun to take pictures of them in my current back yard, although it's still too cold here in the NW to sit outside. David C and I were talking the other night about Art-Making being my religion...I can get lost in the timeless Zone when I'm painting. With a long weekend coming up and four days off, my self-induced pressure is on, to create and achieve: Start the wedding portrait of Meg and Mo, work on HOT FLASH, finish the Big Doll, Juan de Fuca Festival, arrange rocks in my yard (if the rain stops long enough).

Last weekend was David and Winnie the dog.

Yes, and it was, indeed,
sunny in the rain forest.
We went to see Sarah and Aaron in Forks, and to the Rain Forest for the first time since I moved here...we did so much on visits pre 2005, but once I moved here to live, I've been so focused at home, I have not traveled much.

Decrease the Pressure. Enjoy the Process. Balance the Life!

I see that I am becoming redundant...oh, well.



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Cool paintings. I love the color.

4:45 AM  
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