Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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I know, back to front, but I am Determined to finish getting through my recent trip for you, so
I can move on to more current events.

Thanksgiving is waiting in the wings, and it
was a Delicious Pumpkin theme this year--good thing Steve and Linda didn't come out West
for this one, as he made it clear that he
can't stand pumpkin. I'm still enjoying left overs.

To return to my story, which starts two blogs before this one, this is the view of Lake Iraquois in Williston, VT, from my cousin's back deck.
As you may remember from an earlier post, there
was a hurricane passing through and I had only brought one pain of shoes with me, so we didn't walk down to the lake, but he rows every morning, or does until the lake is frozen and covered with snow...then the cross-country skiing begins.

Wells River, VT, which used to be "downtown" when I lived in the old schoolhouse in East Ryegate. The main street has changed very little since I was there, helping with the library expansion in the Seventies.

The hurricane had flooded the main route south of town the day I was there in October. The beige car on the right was my rental, parked in front of the white library building. We used to go into town on Friday nights to do laundry, shop, and play chess with our State Representative, who carried the fragrance of manure on his rubber boots.

One of my quintessential Vermont images: hill, foliage, field. The gray sky reminds me of my home here in Washington, and makes the colors seem even brighter by comparison.

On Route 2 west in Vermont. I never got tired of soaking up the color.

Another primal VT scene, adding the farm. OK, I'm getting it out of my system. This was in the Green Mountains in the northern part of the state, probably covered in snow by now.

And the classic New England white church, Montpelier, VT, in the end of the hurricane.
David C and I met because of architecture, working together for an architectural designer
in Burlington. We took a historic preservation tour of
Montpelier in the rain.

David has a big old Victorian on Liberty St., scene of many wild times with his three children and their friends. I love the turquoise truck livening up the rainy day.

Tim at Al's Fries in Burlington, to reprise the food theme. We love our fries with the skins on and corn dogs.

Flash back to summer and my studio treat here in my bedroom/drawing studio in Port Angeles: fresh strawberries from the Farmers' Market (which can run year round in our temperate climate) good vanilla ice cream and home made brownies...I treat myself right!

And now I come home to Port Angeles, where I can drive downtown and out on to Edis Hook after a hard day at work, and look back at town with the real Olympic Mountains behind.

I am blessed with many wonderful Homes and Friends!

Now go Celebrate and make some Art!



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