Saturday, November 20, 2010

Travel, Stories, Continued

My good friend Loel Annie Barr, in the art-tunnel on the grounds of Bard College on the Hudson, near Rhinebeck, NY. There are friends with whom one takes up just where we left off, no matter how many years and miles intervene.

Patti and Annie,
like David and
Tim in previous
posts are that kind of friends.

Patti and Annie
in Patti's studio
in the garage behind her house in Kingston, NY. I spent time with the same Important People when I went back East last
month as I did over two years ago. Making each Moment last as long as possible, making
memories to take out and dream over later.

The Frank Gehry performance center at Bard. It was a Perfect October day, clear bright air, students playing Ultimate Frisbee, the Hudson in background, as classically lovely as Church ever painted it. The first Gehry building I saw was the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

You may remember Annie and Patti from our
road trip to see Margi and Kathryn in Nova Scotia on my last trip east in 2008, this trip was more mellow, and you're right, I didn't see All of my Important People this time. One was busy winning an election, Margi and Kathryn were busy with their lives...but I did see Tracy Stillwell--see previous post--and a lot of old doll making friends...these red threads of connection through space/time/experience.

A picture Annie took of me in the new Art Museum at Bard. Annie will having an opening of a solo show of her work tonight at WAM in Woodstock, NY. I wish I could be there in person, instead of in spirit.

Patti and Annie do one of the Best Things friends can do for each other--they inspire me to do my Best work--always striving for better.

Thank you! I hope you do make good on your promise for a road trip west this summer...but I want to be in the car, too.

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