Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things Change

Just when I was embracing Port Angeles as Home, instead of VT, we got an unexpected November Blizzard, with snow so thick, it was impossible to see more than a few feet and the edge of the sidewalk coming out of the office that I'd just cleared, was snow-covered by the time I got back to the door.

When I got home from VT, the maples along this street were turned the brightest possible RED. Very few patients got through to see us yesterday, and today the roads were mostly packed snow and ice...after all, there are only 4 city plows in a town of 19,000 people and 144 miles
of roads to clear...tonight we're supposed to break
records for cold! Down to 13 degrees a bit ago...I know, nothing compared to VT, but the insulation and road-clearing capabilities aren't equipped. Sure was Beautiful yesterday and last night.

Full Moon on New Snow
Quiet, Complete
Trees whisper...yes



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