Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hot Flash friends, Rita Tritabaugh and Julie Branch pose in front of Rita's paintings in St. Paul, MN, with my book and a wise woman that Julie made to celebrate Rita's 50th birthday.

"Thanks again for your wonderful book and sharing the stories of so many women. Risa and I have journeyed through a lot in the past 25 + years and it will be exciting to see where the next years take us!" Julie

Here's an excerpt from a letter Kim Tinsley wrote and one of her poems following:

"HOT FLASH feels like a good visit. And an embrace. And a rare opportunity to read the thoughts of women who probably don't get asked very often, if at all, about what it feels like to walk the path from innocence to experience, what it is to negotiate the phases of a human life in a female body, what it is to live a woman's life."

places in the heart

the force unseen
that beats my
breaks it too,
the number of places
where love resides

Kim Tinsley 2005



Blogger Sue said...

What a good description of the book! I wanted to add it to my list on Goodreads, and it wasn't findable, so I added it to their database. Would love to have you go there and enhance the book description!

11:16 AM  

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