Monday, March 07, 2011

A snowstorm, another painting, another birthday

A week of white on the ground is very unusual for the Northwest, but we had that last week, and I took pictures of my parking area in various stages of shoveling, contemplating different attitudes toward shoveling and what they might say about the person doing the said shoveling.

I'm from Vermont originally, and I hear my friends back there just got dumped on again, so I can't say a lot about our measely 7", which has melted back to green grass. People here wait and let it melt. Back home, each instance of shoveling is a base for the next blizzard, so you'd better be neat from the beginning. I still tend to follow the VT standard, but I do get a bit lax, after 6 winters in WA.

When I was married, long, long ago, my ex used to drive over the snow, which would then be ice from November until May. The next guy was a bit of a shovel Nazi, insisting that we start work while the snow was still falling. How nice to be able to have control of my turf!

Another birthday, at the beach in Port Townsend, rather windy and cold, but not snowy. I treated myself to favorite things: beach, movie: Barney's Version (I'm going to read the book), buttery popcorn, buttery cornmeal pancakes (notice the themes?), new books, new canvas...It's at least a month-long celebration, including the weekend before, seeing Hugh in The Three Penny Opera and dinner with my handsome and brilliant Seattle brothers. I got myself a GPS and more, yet more Art Books...ready for adventures!

OK, snow in the North West, and my half-hearted shoveling, although I do like to shovel...and no, it's nothing like VT, although we can drive 17 miles south of town and one mile up and get 4 feet of snow on Hurricane Ridge in June.

Ah, yes, the painting: another in my nudes series. I really like to paint and see what comes out of my brush, and after reading Joseph Campbell about the stages of life and not trying to work outside our particular stage, I'm seeing that this birthday, "will you still need me, will you still feed me..." puts me in the consolidation phase, SO, I'll impart whatever wisdom I've gained: Do what you like and don't worry about the rest, as long as you have a roof overhead and are kind to others.

Sometimes my sculptures are more
than my paintings, and I'll keep doing sculptures, too, but my concession is to make the paintings
on thinner canvases, so I can store them more
easily. If you need a painting for any occasion, don't hesitate to contact me.

And back around to the snowstorm, which we received over a three day period. Since many people here are wise enough not to drive on un-plowed, icy roads, we had a light population of patients to see that week, and since I DELIGHT in sun on snow, I treated myself to lunch at my favorite fast food place in town, home of the Good $2 cheeseburger...Simple Pleasures! Happy birthday, Will, tomorrow.


Blogger Brenda Hutchings said...

Pamela, I love your shoveling story. I'm in the Chicago area and it is so true, we all have our own shoveling styles, and it is probably very true that you can tell alot about a person by the way they shovel! HA! What a blast! Thanks. Smiles to you, Brenda

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