Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Number of Things

I finished a painting today, and I like it...WoW.
e, February! This is Patti and Annie at a bar in Maine from our first road trip. I'm liking the flat style of painting I've been working to get back to since Ezra Pound (I'll take a picture for you) back in 1975. So much of my art work was one-off until I moved out west and had my own space and life.

January seemed way too cold and dark, and yes, I have become totally wossey since I moved to the land of rain instead of snow. With the darkness come my demons, hereditary depression, bad chemicals, and the whole panoply of self-doubt. I did a radio interview with Mark Harvey on 1/29/11 on KONP (the audio should be available on the site by now). I found myself dwelling more than I have in years on my experience in an abusive marriage.

The bad old days are long gone for me, although at times I experience echos. If I can help someone else know that she is not alone and that she can have a life with respect and joy, it would all have been worth while.

Writing a 6th lesson for the online Doll Making as a Transformative process that I'll be starting to teach again on my 64th birthday brings back memories. Our past is still part of us, although we can transform it into positive experiences. It's all up to us. We create our own Interpretation of whatever reality may be (very Buddhist, that).

I've learned better coping skills over the years,
as well as gaining more confidence that the
black moods will eventually dissipate. Exercise
helps, writing, and going into the studio.

So here are the paintings I've finished in the
last few weeks. Life is Good--even when it's



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