Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Art!

A wonderful thing about dark and rainy winters on the Peninsula is the opportunity the dark days afford me for making ART.

Even though I offered to go to work this morning, to remove stitches and start exercises on 4 post-operative patients, I spent the rainy and hailing afternoon bringing this painting from laboriously rubbed-out and re-drawn charcoal lines on a primed canvas to an almost-finished painting! There is nothing that makes me happier...AND some crab, mac and cheese, and berry pie from Blackbird for dinner! What could be better! Having limited time sometimes is effective to get me working...instead of procrastinating by cleaning the house or something equally un-fun.

I took this photo of a mother and son getting their pictures taken when I was in Mexico last winter. I hope to capture the boy's rather apprehensive stance. My brother, David, has been encouraging me to return to this flat style. I like it, too.

I'm on a roll for sure! Last year at this time I was motivated by the application deadline for Strait Arts...this year I don't even care whether I make the 2/14 deadline or not, although it would be nice. I'm just happy to be playing and showing here and on Facebook.

I tend to jump around all over the place, so I'm limiting myself to three major art foci: Paintings--mostly portraits, collages, like this one, using stuff I collected on my fall trip to the East Coast. This is built into the concave side of a painting panel, using Apoxie Sculpt to attach dis-parate shapes and materials, telling sub-conscious stories, and the series of drawings inspired by Richar Tuttle's simplicity...There's always something I can work on, and of course continuing my effort to draw, draw, draw and stick ephemera into my daily notebooks.

First two drawings...I'm up over 30 now...makes quite a pile. Limits create freedom!



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