Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Painting a Day!!!

I LOVE when I get so involved in an art project, I forget to eat and time goes whizzing by. I look forward to seeing what the next thing and the next will be, and how they'll turn out.

I've been working on a series of portraits and scenes from my own photographs, drawing with charcoal on canvas that I've underpainted with one color, trying to keep the shapes flat and simple, and just suggesting the background.

I did the upper one today, spying on what seemed to be a father with two daughters in the Taste Cafe at Seattle Art Museum.

I want to take a photo of the painting in better light, and do a little more work, as he looked to me to
be very dis-engaged
and the teen slouched more, dis-engaged in her own way. Right now I like the one of Doug better...I think I did that one last Tuesday. After I get the basic shapes drawn in with charcoal, I work straight through to the end--4-5 hours. Very tiring to this aging body. Good reason to stay in shape. Doug and I buzzed through the Picasso show the day after Christmas.

Today I was saying to a friend, that I don't know how people can waste their time playing games on FaceBook, but if I didn't have Art making to keep me busy and involved, maybe I'd play, too.



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