Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's Painting

Lovely Tuesday off! I even saw sun, here in the Olympic Rain Shadow, and I was going to walk on the beach, lift weights, and all kinds of other things, but ended up in the studio...I can't stop...except for Barbara's great work on my body and wonderful fish and carnitas tacos from the cart at Blue Sky Realty in Sequim.

Today marks the beginning of a series of nudes for the Fraker/Scott Arte des Femmes show in April. I'm working from my storehouse of life drawing, starting from when I lived in Burlington in the Eighties...valuable raw material. I have ideas for more sculptures, too.

I suppose having to go to work four days a week forces me to make the most of my time off, but as Barbara says, and as I tell my own patients, "exercise and staying healthy is
a vital part of life, too!"...And it seems to take more and
more time as I get older. Tomorrow I'll do better on the exercise part.



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