Sunday, March 13, 2011

Practice, Genius, and Daylight Savings Time

I am reading BOUNCE, about how what is usually known as Genius, is really lots and lots and lots of maybe hope your children are born with Motivation and Focus!

In that vein, I am determined to continue with my paintings, hoping to get better and better. I believe 10,000 hours of practice was the stated amount of time investment to get good at anything, so after an annoying detour of feeling bad about my skills and practice, generated by two meaningless events, I am back on track, plugging away at one of the things I most enjoy doing. Our own Reality is So Shaped by our Perceptions of it!

I just finished a collection of Joseph Campbell lectures, talking about finding our own defining myths...mine must be as the creator...please buy my work, so it doesn't have to be as the Accumulator!

Just kidding...a little...I'm better at marketing online than in person...that's another topic for discussion. Another: as I get older, I'm trying to focus on what I Really like to do the best, having become somewhat resigned to the idea of never becoming rich...or even making a living...from my ART. The process of making it is what I the work accumulates...and I return to working small, thinner, so I can store it.

More of the small drawing series below:

Today was the first full day of Daylight Savings Time...this may be news to the people who are making me go back to getting up and going to work in the dark again, at risk to crunch the heedless high school kids crossing my street all in black...BUT THERE IS STILL THE SAME AMOUNT OF DAY LIGHT as there was YESTERDAY!!! except for a few minutes at the beginning and end.

Time is such an artificial construct, and now I have to re-program my life yet again And all the electronic devices that are set to the previous dates of Daylight Savings Time.

When I finally retire, at the age of Seventy, if I'm lucky, I'm going to get up when it gets light and close the curtains when it gets dark!..Unless this is intended as life-affirming brain exercise.



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