Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet Another New Painting!

Wow! It's so easy to get out of good habits: Art and Exercise. The exercise part because I had (I suspected) bronchitis and was coughing til my chest was I used that as an excuse not to walk and lift weights quickly we lose any semblance of fitness!

The Art Part--fear of failure? Fear of beginning? Shear laziness? Anyway, I'd gotten a good start on this second portrait of Lynne. Tom saw it and liked the spontaneousness of the beginning, so I spent almost a week being afraid I'd wreck it by working on it...Today I just jumped in and did it...helped to have company coming in just an hour.

I'm teaching an online class, Doll Making as a Transformative Process, and am always telling my students to just Do IT! After the book I mentioned earlier saying that we have to do Anything for at least 10,000 hours to be any good at it...WHY do I ever allow myself to hesitate, even for a minute. I did take a photo first, just in case. Thank the Goddess for digital cameras!

Making Art, and Lots of it, HAS to be one of the most aggravating...and fun things in this life!



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I love your paintings!!

Kim Tinsley

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