Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food and Fun in Seattle and the Peninsula

This has seemed like a longer and damper winter than usual, and others tell me it's not my imagination. I do love the temperate climate here in the Northwest, but I feel a little out of kilter to be wearing my winter coat and gloves at the end of April.

One time-proven remedy for winter's darkness is FOOD! And I've been eating well--too well, but then food is life's most dependable sensual pleasure, and my body seems to want some extra padding in these damp and gloomy days.

When brother, Doug, came all the way over to pick up the Big Doll for her show at Fraker Scott Gallery in Seattle, the least I could do was treat him to a great dinner at Sabai Thai.

When friend, Suzanne, and I shared our passions for books and art supplies in Port Townsend, we had to treat ourselves to dinner (25% off entrees before 5:30) at Fin's.

It was a wonderful day off for both of us. Next
time we'll add a stop at the beach for pure
perfection. My puritanical upbringing sometimes makes me feel a wee bit guilty when I treat myself to pleasures like these...but I'm working really hard to get over that. Seize the day--and squeeze out all the joy!

Last Saturday, In spite of gray skies and intermittent rain, David picked me up at the Edmonds Ferry and we took off for the Seattle Art Museum's sculpture park for Arrangement in gray, green, and red...I want to make some sculpture for my yard this summer.

We saw a dance performance in some of Nick Cave's amazing Sound Suits. Notice that the wall is painted with rain drops.

A trip to SAM would not be complete without a visit to Taste. Fancy desserts for Hugh and me, a burger for David, who did share his fries--no wonder there's more of me!

If you're anywhere near Seattle, the Nick Cave show is spectacular. I've been reading about his costumes in Fiberarts magazine for years, but what a treat to see so many of them up close.
He uses lots of re-purposed afghan squares, doilies and other of grandmother's treasured handiwork to build his suits.

And what inspiration for
my talk about my Art and the Big Doll, Women's Work, at Fraker/Scott Saturday night...usually no one notices the millions of tiny stitches that a woman might make, in and out, over years...unless they go together to form a 9.5 foot tall sculpture. Doug, me, David, with three of my new paintings to the right of her. She looks great out in public, under an extra-high ceiling. The smaller sculptures look good around the edges of the gallery, too.

Connie, Hugh, Doug, me...great to have family around!

We are very supportive of each other's art efforts.
Hugh and Connie
are performers. Doug and I paint. David does monoprints, as well as singing in the Seattle Men's Chorus. He's going to be a dancer in the next show--Good for you, David--outside the Comfort Zone!

I lived with her for so many years, I do hope someone falls in love and takes her home. I am still
totally fascinated by the process of making art, then mostly I don't need to keep it around...must make physical and emotional space for whatever comes out next. I'm working on more paintings and a Venus of Willendorf series in cloth, as well as teaching Doll Making as a Transformative Process online...and of course the job that pays for all this pleasure.

And this coming Sunday, being the celebration of Easter or Spring...or egg-laying bunnies, I'll be back to Seattle with my family for more food and festivities. Serene and Thayer will be home from college with a crew of their friends for the traditional egg hunt and feast...I Love It! Life is GOOD!



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