Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perservering and the Angel

Today's painting, still not quite done. From a photo of David and me at Shannon and Chris' wedding in Mexico...why is David so hard to "get"?

I was listening to Radio Lab this morning, about the different layers of brain and "self" we make ourselves accomplish what we want to...or have so much trouble doing it. A quote from Elizabeth Gilbert (EAT, PRAY, LOVE) and Tom Waits about how the Angel of Creativity is more likely to visit the person who is chained to her/his desk/easel...or just continuing to work away on the idea at hand.

It is good to have a passion. I'm reading Po Bronson's WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE? I'm don't feel settled, even at 64...although these endless paintings, which I have stacked around my walls are still frustratingly fun.

This was last weekend's painting. I alternate between nudes from my old life drawings and portraits from photographs...different seeing.

I shared frustrations with Suzanne this morning. It's good to have another artist say, "yes, it's worth while to continue what you're doing." Such highs and lows...I imagine with all creative people. We have an almost goddess-like power to make something exist that never did before.

I just started another book today, COGNITIVE SURPLUS, tracing civilization and "free" time, which was first taken up with gin, then TV, and now the internet, which is so much more participatory and collaborative than passive consumption. Will the Forces for Good triumph???

For a wake up call, read DEADLY SPIN by Wendell Potter about how our attitudes are manipulated...does greed have a biological benefit?

Thanks for all the support for continuing my art exploration. I guess I do know what to do with my life: make art, improve health care delivery...two big jobs, but fascinating. I Love learning new things! I made myself another rhubarb custard pie today, and it's even better than the first one. Hi, Ashley



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