Monday, October 17, 2016

Stormy Weather

We Never Know, second new piece for the Veterans Show at the library

Since I moved away from the Northeast, their weather seems to have gotten worse, with more violent hurricanes and snow storms. The weather here in the Northwest seems to have become more benign in the eleven years I've lived here.

Maybe all news, including weather news, is getting more alarmist these days (news as "entertainment"), but the predictions for last weekend were frightening...with weather maps looking like VanGogh's Starry Night, in a swirl of typhoons from the Pacific, expecting up to 150 mph winds and buckets or rain onto our dry ground.

Actually there were two tornadoes on the Oregon Coast and plenty of trees down in the friend, Jeff, may still be out on the West End, supervising clean-up in the Olympic National Park.

I and my Seattle brothers came out lucky. The only down spot was Jan and I deciding to miss the opening party at Bainbridge Island Art Museum on Friday. The museum bought one of her amazing artist books for their special book collection. See the link on her name above.

For this week's piece, I assembled a group of my father's things my mother saved and gave to me. I think it's best to have them arranged, rather than in a drawer. Here's what I wrote:

We Never Know...
Souvenir from Texas
Basic training194?
Dad missed WWII
And Korea
Got married
Had Children
The Army made
Him a psychiatrist
Instead of farmer/engineer/GP
Or Dead
He kept taking photos
Died at 62
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