Saturday, August 16, 2014

West Side of VT, Shelburne Museum, 8.8.14

Shelburne Museum...round barn like I saw in Passumpsic

Never-ending fun and absorbing images/ideas. I started out Friday morning, not knowing exactly where I would end up...since I had not driven up along Lake Champlain as I used to do to visits friends in the state, I headed toward that area. I love that VT is small enough to travel to all parts of it easily.

The Shelburne Museum is a town-sized collection of buildings and experiences collected by Mrs. Webb--what fun she must have had! I visited as a child, and several times over the years, but it was a perfect  brilliantly sunny, but not too humid, for walking around, looking, and talking...the docents in each building are happy to discuss their charges. Nancy Crow had been for the opening of the show of her new work. The Northeast Fibers person I met in Williston...Jennifer? Told me to go and see the hooked lamb rugs...A beautiful place to spend the day.

Part of the automaton collection...interesting multiple images

Hooked Ewe Rugs

Patty Yoder

Variations on a theme allow deeper investigation

Nancy Crow monoprinted textures

Classic Prosperous Vermont barn

Nancy Crow color play with MonoPrinting

Nancy Crow 6-foot tall tryptych. The Docent showed me all the obsessive stitching for dimension

I wonder if I got my 4-legged doll idea from the Shelburne

Another perfect scene toward Lake Champlain from the Shelburne

Classic Round Barn...revolutionary way to tend cows with less work, dropping the feed through from the top level

Lighthouse with the ship Ticonderoga in the background

I want to do some red lips for my yard..these are a molded plastic seat...I'm thinking of coated papier mache, imbedded with mirror glass...more for the small planes flying over to see

Cool Figures...inspiration abounds!

Weather vanes...outlet for creativity

A flying automatron...a video shows them in motion, but the actual images are so Surreal! Inspirational

This is the lovely Shelburne Beach. A very kind teenager let me come in to take a all the gorgeous places in the world belong more and more to the rich and privaeedged?...

Driving around VT is like being in a's SO pleasing in color, shape, texture, arrangement. My younger brothers spent most of their formative years in Iowa, and they appreciate it's subtle beauties more than I ever could.

The people I've met everywhere, especially the Midwest, are very very nice, from the man who fixed my windshield on a Saturday (seems so long ago now) to the women at the Red Roof Inn in Fort Wayne, Indiana, last night who took in a confused and weary traveler and made everything good.

Message: Be nice to everyone...never knowing when and where you will get it back.


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