Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yet another day in Maine! 8.7.14

8.7.14 The trip back to Montpelier from Maine. 
Yet another cute café with possible authentic pressed tin ceiling for breakfast, paintings on the tables, a breakfast blintz. We both love books, and can spend hours browsing…I found a bunch, and if the WiFi doesn’t get fixed and I can’t post tonight, I can play with new books. (I’m still a week behind in posting). I was sucking up the sight of all the gorgeous and quirky Maine houses of varying pedigrees…Apparently I didn’t take many pictures of them. At times it’s better to visually suck up than to take pictures…and pictures would not have been the same as being there. And even if I don't remember every detail, I know I was there...the northern northeast will always be my heart home, even though I love living in the Northwest...especially when winter comes...or I want to spend time at one of my many un-crowded beaches...or when I want to spend time with the three of my brothers who live there....but this is being an AMAZING trip!

Cafe, pressed tin ceiling, art imbedded in the table tops

My trusty companion...I'll think of you when I drink out of the red and black mugs at home

Breakfast blintz and berries

Inspired book cover, layered painting

Inspiring paintings top and bottom

I can't wait to see what will come out when I finally get back to my studio...first I have to finish pieces and hang a portrait show.

Later that same day, another great cafe with interesting sandwiches

Enthusiastic Red Sox fans at the book store

The Gumby boys supervise the drying of my shoes that I wore into the Atlantic surf. The water seemed warm, although the surfers wore wet suits

David in the second cafe, receiving messages from Ella about possible used Volvos for her

Back to Montpelier a slightly different way, of course, stopping in a charming café to eat delicious food. Lots of driving for DC, all the while texting with Ella about potential used Volvos for her…David wanting his girls in Tanks. It's fun traveling with a compatible companion

I think David may have come home and cooked that night…always plenty of kids and friends around his house to feed. The Summer in VT front porch living.


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