Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Full stories, grand images from last week

Cross country pictures of images from a week ago in VT... driving from Montpelier to Burlington, Route 2 with some construction on route 2, a fiber store in Williston, then exploration in Burlington to Lake Champlain and finding too many people and places to visit, on Church St., rainy day, with places to see and visit, but too many places full of out of towners, complicated parking places...and then finding out that I could park for 2 hours for free in the parking garages.
I did stop and shop at bit on Church St., then moved to eat  a sample of a luncheon at the Single Pebble, then went over to the cool of the hockey rink, then the Lake Champlain beach.

Williston, Northeast Fiber Arts Center   

Burlington: Pine St...arty are

Church St., Burlington

Gumby Boys on the shore of Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT

Single Pebble, lunch of Many Sample dishes

Pine St., Burlington, Artistic Area

Lake Champlain, beach and home of the hockey arena

New expensive shopping area near the water in Burlington

The day I was exploring old familiar areas of Burlington was 8/5/14, and was very hot with crowded parking, and too many people for me to feel comfortable. I was staying in Montpelier and fell more comfortable with a small town and fewer people.

I went over to my Uncle Bill and Aunt Arlene's house in Essex Junction for dinner, and had a wonderful time with that branch of the Bickford family, and Friends, and an Amazing Lobster dinner, steak, blueberry pie, with photos available on Facebook...


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