Saturday, July 26, 2014

Later that same day

7/26/14...Day 9...I got my windshield replaced beautifully by a very nice man in Cedar Falls for less than my deductible...the mother and brothers are much relieved that the thing won't be cracking apart during my remaining 5,000 miles of driving...and it's guaranteed for as long as I own my car. Nice people here in the Midwest. My uncle was equally pleased with the brake repair on his car.

Mom's party started this afternoon with the news from South Carolina that Shannon and Chris have a new baby girl...a little sister for my first grand niece, Avery. We are excited to welcome her.

Mom's party was well-attended and Hugh and Connie sang...the party will be long remembered at Friendship Village.

As I write this, I'm taking a brief rest from all the excitement in my basement lair. I may be able to process more photos tomorrow morning...did I show you Connie's photo of the giant ladle in Elk River, MN...

Serene just took the chocolates upstairs, so I must follow...the opposite of a shadow of my former self...Yum!


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