Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 6, Enjoying Friends

Bathroom at Space Aliens Grill and Bar...a Real Roadside Attraction

Day 6, a very pleasant morning in Crystal, MN. Bill made us blueberry buckwheat pancakes and bacon and watermelon. Barb and I are going to Maureen Carlson's retreat center, then some friends are coming over tonight...Lots of talking to make up for not seeing each other in person for 6 or 7 years...All her dolls and books and everything!

The posting is getting away from me...but better to be Experiencing. I was able to get up slowly yesterday in Fargo and listening to a James Taylor compilation that Annie or my brother, Steve made for me, perfect traveling music...the journey is the destination. Watching the country get greener and more treed. 

The issue of energy is big in the Midwest...huge power poles going up and signs in the rest area about not impeding traffic to gawk.

Barb and I stayed up late talking...the art versus need for making money dicotomy...her husband is an artist as well. The multiplicity of ideas. I thought of taking a series of landscape photos out my car window and then using Illustrator to have them melt into each other. In some ways it would be easier to do this with another person to drive, but I am being Very Safe, I promise.

A rest area with windmills in the distance...was this Eastern WA? MT?

I have my return trip scheduled with more stops, and I May get my documentation more  organized...Dang! this elderly much slips, slips away, but I do remember greenery, music, wanting to multidimensional art work when I get home...learn computer tricks...some way to express visually what music can...

Space Aliens Ceiling...I need to get more patient about taking pictures in focus

Green rest area in MN 7/22

I choose Experience over recording...but I'll try to fit in more recording, too.


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