Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Keeps Happening, Even When I'm Otherwise Engaged 7/14-7/17/14

I was planning to start blogging Monday, but we all know what happens to plans.
Taking photo of front yard rocks with my of the few days when I wear shorts

Tuesday I got an email saying that my sister-in-law is in Arkansas instead of Seattle, taking care of her brother, who had a series of strokes, and her mother, who needs help…Amal and Doug may have permanent company living with them in Seattle. Doug and the kids are still coming to Mom's party...if Thayer can get back to the States from Israel without difficulty.

A new piece of three for the Fiber Arts Festival

A reminder of the Fiber Arts Festival in Sequim, WA, and entries due 9/9/14, the week after I get home…good thing I started a new piece Monday…need that and 2 more, which I started Wednesday afternoon…switching my trip sewing project. It was GOOD to have some Art to think about, instead of travel.

Close up of new piece

Tom Robbins, TIBETAN TANGERINE PIE...I had my name on a waiting list and it came just before I was leaving, but I read the first 2/3. I like memoirs from writers. Reminder of Wabi-Sabi, the imperfection that is a part of life...good to remember as I travel. "The journey is the destination," Dan Eldon.

Show at Oven Spoonful: I wasn't sure if it would happen, but it is...I have enough portraits completed to be ready to hang the last day of August...will be a busy week when I get home 8/24/14.

The rhubarb plants have grown and nicely mulched with stones...too bad it's a major route for deer

Sierra and David delivered the gusset video,  Go to U Tube and Search: Pamela Hastings Gussets
3:38pm WoW! Processing. Setting up 2 new pieces in addition to the one I’m taking with me, along with consulting with Mom about her Insurance. Turning the sewing project I was going to bring with me into a different book.

 THIS IS A consolidation and planning trip…obvious from the last three days. Mike and Katie and Kim came over for dinner last night, using up food and orienting Mike and Katie...Kim will be on the road east soon, too, moving more seriously to DC, but we'll all get together again later, and Mike and Katie will enjoy being at my house.

Mike and Katie's rock from AZ in center of my infinity sign


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