Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Time in Between: Only we can live our own lives

Blue holes, like the Georgia O'Keefe painting at Art Institute of Chicago


My recent change from working stiff to retired person/All Art, All the Time is yielding unexpected benefits…the richness of TIME…I never realized before to what extent I had to ignore the subtleties of life, the crumbs on the floor under my table, the lack of variety in my meals, the many sunny breaks that I just totally missed, the side trips to books and internet information that enrich my learning.

Karla Chamberlin Hot Flash Woman #91

Carla Murray

  I’ve just discovered Raymond Carver, after living in one of his home bases for almost 9 years now…a book of his short stories and poetry. He grew up in Western Washington with scoured low rolling hills, spare poetry and writing, forcing the reader to participate by filling in blanks, like Alice Munroe. I started keeping a list of the books I read since I stopped my Regular Job, but there were too many to keep track.

Back to Graphic Grannies

I watched a video on Toulouse Lautrec, whose colorful paintings and drawings, and energetic line, I’ve loved since high school. I took the time to watch it again, loving his line, the colors, the way the foreground figures are detailed, and the background blurred, then a marvelous movie production of Romeo and Juliet in garish colors and style. Today I even got myself back to drawing the comics…The lesson to keep bringing myself back to the Work….and rejecting the work that doesn’t resonate enough to continue. Therefore it takes more of my day now to just live my life…I think about it as immersing myself IN the water, instead of trying to skip along the surface of the waves. This new attitude will improve my health…enjoying life!

Ally helps David on Family Card Night

I have rejected numerous Possibilities, but am tasting others. I find that I am perfectly happy staying home and switching among projects, reading, being outside, exercising, enjoying meals. This morning I got myself back to my magnificent eight-foot drafting table, despaired of becoming a cartoonist, and then got down to drawing. Returning myself gently to the Work that is important to me, again and again without beating myself up for time away, is my current path--being kind to myself in spite of my slowness.

I waited a few minutes too long to go and get the mail and heard the rain start. I don’t think I ever noted the exact moment of rain starting or looked out the bay window over my computer and saw an eagle flying in my line of vision, before this time of living deliberately.

Goodies from Stash Fest in LaConner. Attended with David, many, many projects cooking.

Wild clouds over Ediz Hook

Spending Time is a apt phrase...I am spending mine freely on the moments in between.


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