Saturday, July 12, 2014

On the Road One week from Now!

Most recently-completed art work...Mother/Daughter

The bigger canvases that I bought when I was making regular income…time to stretch.
As always Brain Pickings is very helpful to me…Debbie Millman interviewing Seth Godwin in the background as I edited photos. Of course I’m not “retired”, I’ve just changed my focus to All Art, All the Time, whether it’s “working” or not. “We dance with the Resistance, we don’t make it go away,” Seth Godwin. ACCOUNTABILITY, in doing the work, especially when it’s difficult. “Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance.” It seems pretty clear from the writing in Brain Pickings that thinkers accept that there is no constant “self” and that all that we know is transitory, so let’s go from there and figure out what to do with this transitory time we have of awareness or semi-awareness, tempered by baggage and schooling.

I invented the technique of separating layers with beads in the Eighties

There is a new direction in my Art Work cooking in the back of my mind…not exactly totally new, as always, based both on what attracts me and what I have done before. I love reading and writing and looking and assembling. As I teach myself layers on the computer, and create layers with paint and images and translucent fabrics, the things my parents saved and gave to me, both consciously and unconsciously…Calvinist production for the sake of producing/Artistic Production for the sake of discovery.

And Then She Left...a new piece based on leaving my last Relationship

He is too attached to his stories of failure
To change for me…or for himself.
I am coming out from under his dark cloud
And into my buoyancy again.
Feel compassion, not guilt. The rest of my life is always NOW…about giving up a settled life that wasn’t feeding me…I jump into Discomfort, Dance with the Resistance.

A part of ME, the ever-changing ME, goes into each piece, the Work.

Anne Arthur, I'll be visiting her in Michigan..I've slowed the portrait painting, because I'm almost done

One week from right now I will have begun my Second Heroine’s Journey. The last one, beginning 2/17/03 involved more flying and teaching than this one will. This one started last winter when I decided that I’d drive across country and back instead of just flying to my mother’s 90th birthday party. This journey will evolve as I go, although I’ve spent many, MANY frustrated hours trying to home it down to somewhat manageable size. Now it’s 112 hours of driving 6990 miles from Pacific to Atlantic and back, visiting old friends and places I’ve lived.

The Pacific NW is now Home...I planted two hills of Rhubarb this spring, mulched with beach rocks

I’ll be blogging along the way…We’ll see together what it’s all about. Right now I’m planning to do the computer self-training  that I’ve been talking about, use up the materials I've accumulated. An artist can’t not do art…well, maybe with difficulty, but selling it is another different skill at which I've never been particularly successful, so I have to make art that’s easy to accumulate and store...or figure out a new, more successful and comfortable approach to selling.

New format for Graphic Grannies/combining words, pictures, my story

Stay Tuned! Right Here, maybe more information than you'd want to see...but maybe not. I'll be posting on FB, too, but it's easier to show more and compose here. I can get messages through email and FB.


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