Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 4, Good Morning from Wolf Point, MT

I'm a little disoriented in time and space, a little tired...the blog and the travel journal may be a bit much to keep up with. Today I'll be driving a few hours less...heading for Fargo, ND, and another time zone change...time being an artificial construction, anyway. I'm eating some of June and Mike's cherries and my oatmeal cookies for breakfast, time to round up my scattered art supplies and hit the road.

The nice lady at the WOW food cart in Spokane

I keep learning new things about all my electronic equipment in the process of Stretching what I do with it. This is the first day when I won't be seeing someone I know along the way. Tomorrow I'll be getting to Crystal, MN, and Barb to sit and play here, but I'd best get on the road...more from Fargo.


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