Thursday, August 07, 2014

Summer Sunday Morning in VT

Additional images for last Sunday, think of them at the end of the day. The famous Bread and Puppet Resurrection Circus in Glover, VT... Home of the Leonards and Bickfords

Walking down toward the old gravel pit/amphitheater.

A good picture David took of me

The circus, long view, against all evil doers

Close up...some of the costumes and evil doers have not changed

From the porch of the Glover Village Store. Mom's friend, Charlotte Wolcott ran it when I was a child. I remember a case with domed "Vermont chocolates" toward the back.

Hot and humid summer day in Vermont. I'd remembered in the 
abstract how steamy VT can be. At home in WA I seldom wear short sleeves, but here, sweat is again becoming familiar. David got up at 3am to get Ruby from the bus, as she finished a grueling trip home from Block Island, too tired to walk downtown, as has been becoming a habit, we drove, first stop out for the traditional Sunday Breakfast at Coffee Corner in Montpelier.

Ruby, Theo, David down the alley to Coffee Corner

A very popular breakfast and lunch spot, we shared the table with mother, daughter, granddaughter

David and Theo

I had wanted to visit Glover (Mom's birthplace), Barton (my birthplace), and Lyndonville, home of my mother's side of the family, Bickfords and Leonards, and David had heard about the MUSEUM OF EVERYDAY LIFE, which was hosting an exhibit on toothbrushes. We both enjoy the weird roadside attractions of life.

The Museum of Everyday Life, created by a member of the famous Bread and Puppet Ressurection Circus

Odd Things and Bird Wings

Objects found in barns

Paper figure next to a shovel

Bear creature, larger than life and standing on a suitcase

Long view of the Toothbrush Show at the Museum of Everyday Life

Selfie in a toothbrush crown as David walks by in the distance

The Museum of Everyday Life is on Route 2 between Montpelier and Glover, VT...not exactly on the beaten track...the Northeast Kingdom of VT is quite isolated, VERY cold and snowy in the winter, and has given birth to some oddly creative things, including this Museum, the Bread and Puppet Resurrection Circus, and me...the association of formerly unrelated ideas, creating something out of discards, colors, textures and formerly unrelated objects.

We also stopped in Glover, attended a performance of the Bread and Puppet against all evil things, and David and Theo swam in Willoughby Lake, where my grandparents and parents honeymooned (not at the same time). I'll post more pictures after a break.

Willoughby Lake, very deep, very beautiful

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