Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road Trip, posting 8/7 for 8/2...too much fun to have time to post

It's difficult to keep up with posts with so much going on, and I'd rather experience it than talk about it--the time is passing way too swiftly, and I want to hang on to each moment and slow down the passage of time. I think these photos were from last Saturday and today is Thursday already.

David's house with new paint and red trim gradually appearing around the doors and windows...very classy

The house across the street...I'm learning a lot about architectural styles of the 1700's and 1800's from my friend, the historic preservationist/financial planner/etc

My first lobster in New England, in the traditional Japanese roll,  downtown Montpelier in the old Chittenden bank building

The workshop of David's friend who is a famous church steeple restorer. I picked up some granite scraps to take home.

Montpelier, as well as being the capital of Vermont, is a vibrant small town, with a variety of types of people and activities. I didn't see any empty store fronts, as we have in Port Angeles. Everyone seems to be working together to keep the environment lively. On Saturday evenings in summer, food carts and musicians gather in a parking lot downtown....and I had my second lobster in one day:

Overlooking the street party

Amazing lobster roll, downtown filler...the band was danceable, too.

 I've been looking at towns roughly the size of Port Angeles...there always seems so much potential in my current home town for yet more excitement and interest. In VT the empty store fronts we have in PA don't exist...people seem to be making the most of their scenic and historic attributes, and coming together to make interesting and exciting things happen...What are the barriers in Port Angeles? Traveling helps me to appreciate where I live, but also to want it to be all that it can be.


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