Friday, August 15, 2014

Bringing the trip all the way to the East Edge

An across North America journey would not be complete without touching the oceans that frame this great continent. During the eight-day stay with my friend, David, we drove across VT, NH, and Maine to touch the Atlantic...and eat yet more lobster. We drove through North Conway where Steve, Hugh, and I used to go with Dad to visit the Clark brothers and their trained black bear show. The bears may have been a bit ratty already when we were kids, and I didn't see any remaining evidence of them...the Old Man had fallen off the mountain as well. David was born in Bath, ME, and so we also commemorated his birth and his many trips to this part of the coast.

David at the beach

Breakfast in the St. J diner,,,this was my shopping town when I lived in the schoolhouse...the town is more lively now

Next the scenery pictures, not necessarily in the right order, but astounding and precious all the same...hard to believe that is was only a week ago...we have such a huge capacity for experience and change...I'm loading this from Indiana tonight. I think I may have slipped into Central Time, too....argh!!! I'm all adrift in space and time, especially after driving from 6:30 am to pm, being lost, then found again.

Maine beach rocks...near Bath. In childhood, I went to Old Orchard and Ogunquit
From the bluffs overlooking the beach...what was that park?

A group of mostly guys in black wetsuits hoping the storm would bring them good waves...Wow! those light effects!

More light effects over by Cook's restaurant...a different coast from mine

Traffic going through the White Mountains of NH

And there you have it...All familiar to me, along with the white fences and deciduous trees

FAT BOY drive in, where the car hops are lively

Former Bath Hospital where David was born

Atlantic Ocean Marshes...I better take plenty of photos on my side...Ruby Beach in a week

Just the natural photos look like old master special effects except the rain

Atlantic tidal pools

Atlantic Rocks

Overlooking the surfer beach

Light effects

Sorry, I'm writing this on Thursday afternoon, August 14th, from Pennsylvania on my way to Fort Wayne, Indianna. The very nice motel manager directed me to a decent Asian restaurant in what looked like an abandoned mall, silhouetted against the cumulus-filled sky. I was delighted to learn that Yes! the East Coast Chinese Restaurants still do serve fried noodles for an appetizer. Even though the matriarch seemed to be yelling at all the staff, including the hip guy with dark-rimmed glasses and gelled hair over his brow, she packaged up my takeout, so I have dumplings and pad se yew for dinner and an early breakfast.

Impressive light effects off shore from Cooks

The Carris family favorite lobsta house...I was impressed

David attacking Lobster...Newburgh?

Indian pudding, which I must try at home, so light, so delicious! and blueberry pie with the small berries and Very Very flakey crust

My lobster, with all the hard work done, just rolling in butter...that will have to last me til the next time back to Maine...OH M G!!!!!

Afternoon: Really good Hot Dogs and Really, Really good onion rings at Fats

In the past 4 weeks I've been in many more sports bars than usual, and have even had the experience of at least one man, an actuarial in Barre, VT, come to chat me up. As nice as this place is, the wifi doesn't seem able to allow me to post pictures...maybe later. The guy who was working on the wifi said that he would like a Mac, but has 2 kids to put through college...a challenging task these days

I know I posted pictures more than once, but they're worth it, and I'm too tired to count...more another day. 


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