Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Montpelier and Burlington, Heroine's Journey catch up, 8/8-9/2014

My nest in Theo's room...thanks for sharing, Theo

Another cool VT house in Montpelier

Montpelier Saturday Farmer's Market...I bought some syrup for David Hastings. If I weren't a born Vermonter myself, I'd think that the scenery and characters were provided by Central me it will always be the most beautiful place in the world, even though I love my home in the cool blue Northwest.
My cousin, Holly, the grandma biker

I should publish this on my Hot Flash Women Blog, too. I met my cousin, Holly, in Vermont's state capitol as she and a group of fellow motorcycle riders came to present toys to the Shriners for sick children...almost a thousand bikers, and Holly on her red Harley...what a sight!...and Sound! and a very, very polite and kind group of people.

Bikers bring toys up the State House Steps

David Carris tells me that VT has a State House, rather than a State Capitol building...we are a small and unassuming state. The requisite politicians gave speeches.

Below, Friday, 8/8/14 after the antique art at the Shelburne Museum, I visited the current arty section of Burlington on Pine Street. Everything is jazzier and busier and prettier than when I lived there in the Eighties. Montpelier is more my speed now. Arts Riot has the food cart and music event in Montpelier on Saturdays...where I got the amazing lobster roll that will long live in my memory.

Brass, eagle, fabrication....I hear that on Arts Walk it's an amazing scene

Driving through the secondary roads in SW Iowa yesterday, I saw how I love landscapes that remind me of the ones of my youth in VT...Is it that way for everyone, resonating with their formative backgrounds? I know people whose primal landscapes are Arizona...Tonight I'll be sleeping in Wyoming...I see more dryness creeping in already in Nebraska. I anticipate some mountains...or rock formations...I'm trying not to load my car down too much. I'll be building some kind of homage to my journey in the back yard with the sculptures and rocks I've collected.


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