Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another turning of the Year: NEW LIGHT!

I love this image from a recycled book
As you know, I think the convention of New Year's Eve is rather silly and potentially dangerous, although I do remember a good one, drinking designer champagne and eating grilled oysters under the stars.

My part of the planet started its tilt back toward the sun on 12/18/12, and THAT is the beginning of MY New Year. I wish that I had taken another picture for you at Ediz Hook yesterday, the tide was high, the water FIERCE, grabbing at my feet, twisted snake-like rubbery sea plants ready to trip me as I lunged for the white rocks, the flat rocks, the pretty ones that will become part of my art/yard.  The clattering, clacking, booming rocks made a din that traveled northeast along the shore, with whole trees tossing and theatening to catapult right through me.

I do miss the sun on snow and X-country skiing out the front door in VT, but if one can survive the gloom and                                                              many shades of brown/purple/gray, this is a good place
for creativity and contemplation...Especially after 2 days in Seattle. I swear population density breeds contempt.

You ARE Special!!!--found art


Check out  I'm doing another round of Hot Flash Women starting January 1st...Celebrate YourSelf! 
Barb Kobe is Graduating from her school job to be FULL TIME CREATIVE!!!

I have applied for a job with the WA Artist Trust, am working on the politics of health care, and contemplating doing a graphic novel...about hot older women, of course. Yoga and weight lifting to keep up with my voracious appetite.

What is everyone up to??? and dreaming about??? a time for reflection and planning on the cusp of a New Year! What are your traditions, too? Favorite New Year Foods?

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I started a new painting today--stay tuned!


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