Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall, Food, Family, Fading of the Light

Note to self: Take more time to focus. David, Mauizio, Meg
I have some emotional difficulty with transitions...fall used to be my favorite season when I lived back in the northeast, but here in the Northwest, I get melancholy when the day light starts to shrink at both ends.

Best antidote to the blues is food and family fun. Continuing the theme of spontaneous get aways to different cultures, I took the occasion of our nieces, 
Shannon and Megan, and Megan's foodie
Shannon and her cousin Stand Heistand
husband, Maurizio, visiting to do a quick trip to China, for Dim Sum in Seattle's International District. 

A prodigious lunch was followed by yet another wonderful meal at Doug's. Amal and Serene are visiting Thayer in Jerusalem and Hugh and Connie are
on the road for the cruise company, 
but the rest of us managed to consume
huge quantities...and forgot to take food
pictures later!

                                                                                             Alas, no big card game in the evening,
Brian, Doug, David. Good thing Doug doesn't see this.
          David and Brian were off to Disney        for  a belated celebration of his 50th with 
         his family, Meg and Mo to Chicago,
         Shannon to South Carolina. We all 
         promised to re-assemble at a later   

Kingston Farmers Market Flowers

Fall fruits--I love the wonderful bounty of September

New fabrics (fat quarters) to match my socks
Feeling more cheerful as I journeyed home, I indulged in some colorful
fabric purchases in Kingston and 
Port Gambol, echoing the bright colors
of my socks. (not that I NEED any more

The Dark Season is a time to be in the
studio, surrounded by bright materials!

 The texture under my feet could be
inspiration for a painting...or a paper doll...
more almost done, so Stay Tuned!
Inspiring textures, right below my feet

Changing focus from dull to bright...after all, the average temperature here must be about 50 degrees, which is Perfect for creativity! New England winters were Mostly White.

Never too cold or too hot here. Always JUST RIGHT!

Only One, Very Bright Red Fall Leaf

My contribution to the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Fall Fundraiser, and a welcome to our new director, Robin Anderson. Coffee, Coffee

Port Angeles has been on the edge of
greatness ever since I came here in 
2005--let's create the critical mass of Art and excitement to  make this the great little city it can be. If Montpelier, VT, can do it, 
so can we!

COFFEE, COFFEE--acrylic and mixed media

This AMAZING Work of ART could be YOURS! Bid and buy October 27th.

Also: Colonel Hudson's should be open October 1st--hob nob with the gorilla. I'll meet you there for the best burgers in town....although the tomato bisque with crab at Little Devil's Lunch Box is quite Spectacular, too!

Support our local Businesses!


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