Friday, June 22, 2012

The Sweetness of Family!

Brian, Serene, Thayer: Family celebration
Being with Family makes me happy. Whenever I think I might like to go back home to VT, I think about how lucky I am
to be surrounded by goofballs like these!
My niece, Serene, nephew, Thayer, brother-in-law, Brian. Please support  marriage equality for all in WA, for civil rights for  loving couples and to make David and Brian as legal as the rest of my family! 

Some All Time Favorite Men! Brian, David, Thayer, Doug

We all love cooking, eating, laughing, and being together. Too bad no time for a card game this trip...I had to be back on the Peninsula for work Monday morning.

Amal and Serene

I am so lucky to be one of five siblings who all
Enjoy each other's company! And although
only two of us have procreated, the resulting
younger generation is Spectacular! and doesn't
mind hanging out with the old folks.

I got plenty of nurturing experience (and diaper changing) when my four younger 
bothers were growing up, and I don't miss
having children of my own. Doug and Amal
and Steve and Linda have done a Fantastic
job of being way more patient and forgiving
than I ever would have been. I don't know
how parents can ever stand to let their progeny out of their sight!

Goofy Thayer and Doug

Thayer is off to Israel on July 4th, for a fellowship and internship in journalism and will be gone for a year or more. Of course he has relatives there, too. We are an international family--who would have thought that it would start with Doug and Amal meeting while working at Montgomery Ward in Iowa!

Family, food, fun at Doug and Amal's house in Seattle

One of my VT friends, Tim, was in the
Peace Corps, in Liberia, back in the year 
that Amal was pregnant with Thayer. We
met for the holidays in Jerusalem, where 
Doug and Amal were living. I'm trying to

scan a picture from that trip, but will have
to get back to you on that later. Success!

Upgrading my operating system thrice
in two weeks (thanks to Jerry Freilich's
patient help) has left some glitches in running things. 

1987 Doug, Amal, Pam in Jerusalem I brought US Goodies
1987, Haifa, more hair, red hair...sigh

I don't think Thayer knew I was taking this picture of him spicing up my salsa, or he would have made a face.
June 2012, 25 years later


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