Sunday, May 13, 2012

Traveling Solo

Shannon Hastings Lind and Avery
Since I moved to the West Coast almost seven years ago, I've lived alone, and now can't really imagine sharing my space and time with another. Artists of all sorts, especially need room and time to spread out and grapple with the new ideas as they come.

I've been reading GOING SOLO, and apparently I'm part of a growing trend of 28% of the households in the US. Of course we have to have enough money to be able to afford a house for a family of one...and sometimes we may get lonely...or worried about becoming sick or dependent alone. As a veteran of two long-term live-in relationships of over 10 years each, I know that it is certainly possible to be very lonely living with another person, and there's no guarantee that our needs will be met as a couple, or even recognized.

Linda Crow, photographer, patron of the Arts

After taking a workshop on Bainbridge Island last weekend with Anne Grgich, it has been delightful to be home painting, doing collage, reading, arranging rocks in my yard, eating, and walking. We Singletons can and are creating new systems of support and companionship. Book Group, yoga, Mac users group, dinner out with friends, events at the library and the Fine Arts Center...and all the good causes crying for volunteers. 

Boomer women are pioneers in so many ways, we'll invent ways to age gracefully and with support, too.

Diana Somerville, science writer and crusader

I did some more work on Diana's portrait yesterday and like it better. I always work from photographs or drawings, and sometimes get too fussy or harsh, and have to go back and add layers to smooth things out. The color of the under painting matters, too. 

I'm working on a series of 100 Hot Flash Women, in the best sense of women flashing with energy and ideas. My great niece, Avery, will be the youngest woman in the group, only a matter of weeks old when her photo was taken. And I remember her mom as a child. Her grandfather is my next youngest brother...the thread of history.

I'm enjoying going places alone, too. The sunny outdoor vegan pile of veggies and tofu last weekend in Bainbridge. My sketchbook/journal, and a break from the intensity of class. I keep promising myself that I won't buy any more books...but I got 2 new ones. The fancy clothes and household Stuff don't tempt me. Books are tools for mental travel and inspiration.

Funny to think about a "Bucket List." I'm happy that I've always gone ahead and done the things I've wanted to, even if I have to pinch pennies now, and travel only in my mind and via computer, and other people's trips to exotic places, like David's to Thailand.

Port Townsend with a lowering sky and storm approaching. Something in me has always yearned to be near salt water. I love the beaches here and frequently find rocks in my pockets from my travels to all the different places where I can hear the waves and the rocks being tumbled and polished like me, being worn smooth by life.

Anne Grgich, famous artist, generous teacher

After long dark, dark, dark winter, giving myself the present of a class, to get away from flat essences to exuberant layering...and still there's the connection of the faces, and of all the layers I do in my fabric work and paper dolls.

Arlinka Blair introduced me to Anne's fantastical faces back in the early days of We Folk of Cloth, must have been early Nineties. 

Anne has lived a pure artist life, although her work was "discovered" and celebrated early on. She uses inexpensive white glue and trash to build layers of mystery. 

Fish, phase 1

When I left my previous life to move west and live alone, I thought I would be willing to live in a hovel, just for the opportunity to make art. However, I am now enjoying making art in my lovely home, a studio in every room, and so understand the need to keep plugging away at my day job. Where else would I get to meet so many interesting people and ask them prying questions?

I'm going to post tonight the early stages of the Seven(!) pieces I started last weekend. Stay tuned, and you'll see them finished...if I can ever stop adding layers.

Glove. Grief, phase 1

I hadn't added the "grief" yet when I first photographed this one. The hand shape is from edema gloves at work.

Pink Face, phase 1

Thank the goddess for digital photos--perfect for recording stages of work!

Pink Legs, phase 1

This one was most influenced by/ an homage to Anne's work. I think the face on the left is a photo of one of her faces, and now the yellow parrot from a party napkin has been submerged. Anne says it's possible to cut or scrape away layers, but the white glue seems to be very strong.

Punchella face, phase 1

A sheet of yellow, from which round yellow stickers have been removed, to make an over all pattern. I want to get out of my usual box, but not copy Anne slavishly.

Art making is a series of bold leaps, sometimes too far, then rushing back from the precipice.

Puzzle Piece,  phase 1

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of one of them, that started with a photograph of a mask. Too bad. 

I'll show you one more piece, a mixed media nude, worked from something I did at life drawing back when I lived in Burlington, VT. The painting, mixed media, collage are all on some kind of a continuum. I need to keep working to find out where it's going. 

Male Nude, mixed media

I'm still making dolls or "dolls" too, and have started a series of 100 women or icons or totems. I'll post them on my Hot Flash blog. Be sure to sign up to follow me in both places.

Make ART, play Outside!


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