Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Virtues of a Snowy Weekend

I see on Facebook that my cousin, Holly, is complaining about living in VT, where white can be the predominant color from November through April, and of course we all want what we don't have. Their temps are in the single numbers...and I can remember a January living in the old schoolhouse in East Ryegate, VT, where it never got above zero for the whole month and the sink trap (inside) froze. I slept by the wood stove to keep throwing in some of the 12 cords we spent the summer cutting and stacking. Sometimes I do miss at least the idea of cross country skiing on sunny crisp better way to enjoy the short days of winter!

Here in the NW, snow is an unusual occurrence. White flakes on green grass in January an occasion to photograph...and an opportunity to stay inside and work on projects. The snow started Saturday with huge lazy flakes.

Here it is Sunday night, and the snow continues, along with sunny breaks, and the most
cloud formations...I should have taken more pictures. It's supposed to continue through Wednesday, but I won't be home to photo in daylight. Since we only have 4 plows in Clallam County, All Activities may grind to a halt...although I'll still have to be at work and hoping that my new automatic transmission Honda Fit makes it up the long hill to home.

Now that I have a renewed focus for my portrait painting: to prepare for a large show of portraits of the women who inspire me. Melissa Klein worked mighty hard to fill Studio Bob with all her own art, having taken an online class in self-promotion. I need to talk with her more about how to do the same for myself, but in the mean time I keep making paintings. I started Sandy Long today.

Barb Kobe has me working hard to write a HOT FLASH class/online group experience, and being snowed in gave me the push I needed to finish Session One. This project is an Intention-Setting doll.

My word for 2012 is BOUNDARIES...focus my energy onto what I Really want to do. As I write the classes and design projects, I see how much FUN we're going to have!

Express the wisdom and emotion of this very universal process through doll making! Celebrate your femaleness and maturity—or your ability to continue to have fun playing with materials at your advanced age.

Barb Kobe has also taken my Fabric Journal and Altered book online classes and transformed them into down-loadable self study guides, along with tons of pictures and projects, and in these snowy winter days--and the steamy days Down Under, I know you're going to Love going into your studios and play along with me.

See more and more, buy books and patterns at:

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