Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seize the Day!

Our days are full of busy-ness...Multi-tasking is a highly touted skill...and yet...what are we sacrificing to all this productivity?

I normally have Tuesdays off, which, in addition to a time for all my various appointments, is my Art Day. With a stack of projects in the works, I was charging through my 24 hours...taking time to email my brother, David, also busily working at his computer. I said, "I feel like playing hooky, it's SO gorgeous outside and I don't know how many more days like this we're going to get before winter!"

He said, "Go" and that was my conclusion as well. The gallery won't miss one sculpture more or less, the easel with the unfinished painting will still be in my studio on the next day off, and the next. Sometimes Experience is more important than Product. I left at 1:00pm, taking myself to North Beach in Port can see Mt. Baker as a faint white triangle on the horizon in the first picture, my shadow and yellow sock against a lovely profusion of rocks.

I also had time to buy a new pair of pants for work and watch a movie about singing and dancing in Naples at my favorite, Rose Theater, with the best popcorn in the world...

Friday David came over from Seattle and we ate pizza and blackberry pie, with berries picked right in front of my house. Saturday we walked down to the Farmers' Market and back (5 miles?), stopping at the Blackbird for coffee.

Fall's Bounty at the Farmers Market.

So, no great art to show you from this weekend, either. It was supposed to rain today, but instead
the sun came out and I seized the day yet again.

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Gala last night was Quite Delightful and inspiring with all the creativity that had gone into dressing in silver...I wish I'd taken my camera. I swear there was a woman in an aluminum foil dress, and lots of sparkle...a town with a sense of humor!

I'll go back into the studio tonight, although probably not to paint...I feel I have to be fresh to do that difficult and exciting task justice. I am making some new cloth dolls, and one will have a yellow painted face with crackle paint over the top and some added bones...maybe I'll have more Art to show next weekend. After the last endless winter, it's a heady experience to be out in the sun. Plenty of studio time in the dark days to come. Here in the Northwest, we have learned to suck the juices from any sun we see.

An August sunset...I love it here! Please visit my website: and buy books. Thank you!



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