Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Of Family, Continued

We're still doing the family thing out here in the West, and now I have Mom with me for the coming week, which should be interesting for both of us...the mother/daughter thing...although we've both become more graceful with age.

Last weekend, I went to Seattle for the weekend, and David took me and Mom to an Art exhibit in a park.

Steve and Linda (flanking David) were still in town, so we had the whole family together for the first time in a while.

Mom with Doug's daughter, the lovely Serene, who I'm told just started a job in a grocery store this week...probably not a career...choices have ranged from MD to cake decorator, where she already shows great talent.

Doug introduced us to a wonderful small private Art museum in Seattle, the Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation, for a show of their own color field paintings.

We were lucky enough to have not one, but two docents, whom we impressed with our Art knowledge. We had to examine the Art close up and far away. I hadn't realized that this extreme focus on the effects of pure color was only made possible with the invention of acrylic paint, which could bond with the canvas, instead of just sitting on top.

Looking from every angle, I thought that just Maybe, I might be moved to use one of my Big canvases...and of course because of the price, my big ones are not as big as these.
Anyone else intimidated about possibly spoiling a Large investment in paint and canvas...on the other hand, Life is Short and uncertain, and Why not Take the Chance??? Art Saves Lives!

Yesterday David and Brian brought Mom over for her last week in the west. She's writing letters while I work on my blog.

Yesterday I had family support in making perhaps my biggest Art purchase to date: a new Honda Fit. The back seats fold down easily for carrying Art...although it is too short for the Big Doll, who will be coming home

in another week and really, really big canvases.
I wonder how much things like car and budget size have influenced Art over the centuries? Well, century-appropriate constraints. If I had gone to Art school instead of OT school, if I had been born male instead of female???? Who knows? I'll do what I can with the many gifts that I do have, including a good job that will allow me to have the new car paid off by the time I retire.

Old and new above. I did NOT get up yesterday morning thinking, "I feel like buying a new car today," but this one is automatic (I wasn't expecting Seattle hills when I bought the last one in NY) with a Sports/shifting option that I haven't played with yet. It takes me a while to assimilate new large purchases. I have to walk around it for a while, get in and out, run the door locks and windows.

Ruth Marcus commented on my outfit coordinating with the Wilder Auto temporary plate. Although the Brothers (my 4 + Brian) got me thinking about cars, I used their fortuitous presence to make a deal I would have done sooner or later, so thanks, guys. I hate car shopping, and the sooner it's done, the better.

Now to fill the back with new ART!



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