Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Online Classes for Fall!

I'll be teaching 3 classes online for fall (starting Sept. 17th),
but go to
Barb Kobe's http://www.healingandtransformative Now to sign up. Reasonable prices and lots of virtual contact with Me during the process...and NO Travel Expenses!
DOLL MAKING AS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS, a perennial favorite, with 6 lessons, cloth or paper projects for each lesson, and the possibility of changing your life through doll making...or just learning new simple techniques.

from the most simple two-part
fabric forms to designing and
construction your own mixed
media masterpieces.
Six lessons, inspirational images,
and daily online chat and sharing about the process.

ART PAPER DOLLS will be self-paced study with a book, lessons, and a kit of materials to get you started.

Take one or all three to sail you through the winter doldrums.
Sign up at:

The last of summer company, Mike and Katie, who left the cool blue Northwest for Arizona's brilliance almost 2 years ago.

The best of friendships stretch for distance and time. Here they are in the National Forest by the Elwah last Tuesday. We all wish we could afford to spend more time together. My turn to go to AZ in the spring.

Lest you worry that I've been spending too little time in
my studio with all this company and sunny days, here's
my latest portrait of my friend Annie's grandson, Charlie.
He's extraordinarily cute and talented.

Sharing insights with friends and wonderful daily captive audience about time and space...both become cluttered with "stuff" and the wise person keeps honing activities and possibilities to try to stay focused on what's most important to US. I hear that retirement these days is even busier than working life...but maybe I appreciate each tiny bit of "free" time, because
there seems to be so little of it.

Commercial Message: Please buy my books...go to Gallery on my web site...I need the space in my garage...also saving up to be retired myself in only 5.5 years.



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