Sunday, September 18, 2011

3D Doll Design

Yesterday I started 2 new online classes at
Returning to teaching doll making, upcoming shows wanting sculptures, cooler weather with the return (finally!) of rain are sending me back into the studio to create.

Every Christmas since High School, I've designed and made angel tree decorations. This year's is based on using some mother of pearl buckles I got in Seattle with Katie and Karen. As promised, here's a picture and pattern.

Drag the image to your desktop and size it to about 7" tall...
and Have Fun! I love piecing the bodies, use a short stitch
length. You can use one plain piece of fabric instead of the

Fraker/Scott Gallery in Seattle sold my sculpture, CHILL, to
the lovely and peppy owner of Olympic Cellars, Kathy Charlton,
so I have been moved to make some more small sculptures
for the Christmas shows in Seattle and at Port Angeles Fine
Arts Center.

I bought the carved ebony letter opener in
Fort Bragg in 2002 on my Heroine's Journey
up the West Coast three years before I moved
here. The base is from a set of tinker toys I bought
at an antique store in town.

For my 3D students: the side pieces are two-piece, with bases, Apoxie sculpt holding the whole thing together, one-piece tubes of fabric in front and back, beads.

The earlier dark is driving me back inside...Although I hate to see the wonderful summers out here leave, the darkness and rain do give me more studio time. When I fell in love with Port Angeles and almost immediately had my house built in 2006, I was still sufficiently cautious not to want to build an un-re--saleable studio, so I work all over the house, from paintings and books stacked all around my living room to
the painting studio/bedroom,

to the sewing studio other bedroom.

I always have way more potential projects than time, as I have to work 4 days a work to support this Art Life...And, as a woman who has learned to Follow My Instincts, I still feel compelled to keep the painting and portrait series going, so here's the beginning of my next portrait of Serene...I like the feeling of the rough stage. We learn and learn by doing more and more, so get into your "studio" whenever you can and you may be surprised at what comes out.



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