Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Precious Time!

Time is more precious than money...but without money, it gets awfully cold living outdoors. Corner of my deck with white stone patterns on gray gravel through the newly-cleaned railings...Amazing how much mold can build up in 5 years!

My Sungold and Sweet 100 tomato plants, attached to rebar with quilting scraps have almost given up, and are certainly not cost-effective...but after the HUGE garden in Saugerties, NY, it is

kind of nice to step out back and pick something I can eat. As I talk with my patients, more and more are short of money, scared of the future, and trying to grow more of what they use. I wonder if this trend of Wall Street Occupations will lead to more true attention to the needs of the People as opposed to the desires of Corporations, who have declared themselves people? We have good conversations as I treat hand injuries, since my clients come from the whole spectrum of this small, but varied town.

Through the magic of the World Wide Web, I'm teaching an online class in Three-dimensional Cloth Doll Construction, as well as Doll Making as a Transformative Process, and now a downloadable paper doll class through Barb Kobe's site: http://www.healingandtransformativedolls.com/ I've been sharing the progress on my latest doll/sculpture with class, along with all the mistakes and changes in direction I do along the way. I am sharing process with students all over the world--how cool is that!

Today is one of my last Tuesdays off for a while, as I will be the only OT at work from the end of this month until we get another. Aaron is opening his own practice in Sequim, and I said that I will try to do the work of 2 for the time being...Why are women so eager to try to fix everyone and everything??? Can I keep my work time down to 44 hours a week?

Anyway, I do appreciate my time more than ever today, as I am telling students to keep lists, take pictures, make sketches, so they can come back to their own flow of projects, knowing how challenging it is to pick up a dropped thread in my own life.

So, I celebrate Tuesdays, weekends, hours after the children are asleep, or whatever few moments we can carve out for ourselves!

I'm going to keep the portrait series going. Here's stage one of David from a picture I took last weekend. He's doing a week-long studio retreat at Fort Worden in Port Townsend--what luxury, and how frustrating! I'm going over this afternoon to have dinner with him and then Hugh's coming for Crab Festival this weekend. I have the third blackberry pie waiting in the freezer...Life is GOOD!



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