Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Colors

The outside of my house is light yellow green, subdued purple, with bright pink doors...after weeks of riding the bus out to the West End (I worked at the hospital in Forks two days a week) I realized that the colors of the Northwest really are green and purple. The inside is all off-white walls...but if I ever get bored, I'm going to do bright red in the dining room and sunshine yellow in the bed room. A red couch, of course, and yellow sheets. Isn't it FUN to play with color! Especially now that the brown film of my cataracts has been removed.

I bought more yellow-green and purple plants for the back yard Saturday in Port Townsend, and it was warm and sunny enough on Sunday to plant them...and overuse my poor back--yoga stretched Every morning!

In Port Townsend I sat and stared at the streaks of psychadelic purple and blue in the water and filled my pockets with pretty rocks. My brother could hear them clicking against each other when we went out for dinner: A colorful pink, orange, and green sushi roll--wish I'd taken a picture! Sailboats were doing a 
complicated dance out on the water. I love SO
Much having access to salt water everywhere I go out here on the Olympic Peninsula! And the snow topped mountains as a back drop.

This time of year is so So Gorgeous in the NW US--there is green haze in different shades on all the deciduous trees, with a background of blue-green evergreen (see Emily Carr's paintings). Because of our cool damp climate, everything sping stays in blossom for at least a month, unlike the NE US where spring quickly gives way to hot and humid summer. I do still miss the fire flies, though. There are people here who have never seen them, magical fairy twinkles in the warm late June darkness...of course the mosquitos are out out there dining on unprotected human flesh then, too. Since my colorful home is out in the open, I Never am troubled by the pesky devils and can can work outside unprotected...only dodging the 3" long black slugs--not a place to put one's hand.

The climate here is all cool damp in the fall-spring and baking sunshine in the summer, with no rain for several months. I can't understand people even trying to propagate grass lawns under these circumstances. As you've seen in previous posts, my yard is dark gravel with designs of white rocks--quilting gone large. I wonder what the small planes flying overhead think? When I have some extra cash, I buy slabs of gray rock sparkling with mica and turquoise hunks, adding red glass ornaments from the summer craft shows. The yellow-green euphorbia above has been self-seeding, and contrasts with the brilliant-blue flowered plant next to it and the newly-installed clumps of yellow green and purple succulents. No gas, no noise, and hours of fascination, placing stones and small plants...I don't even mind the weeding of do we separate what's a weed from what's desirable?

Lest you think that it's all play and no Art Work around here, I designed 6 (did another after I took this picture) Venus or Icon patterns on Sunday between trips outside. 

I'm enjoying doing my 100 Hot Flash Women portrait project, and decided to add a 100 Icon series to give me something less taxing than painting, so I can sew while I watch movies. As I learned in OT school, stitching in and out is a positive outlet for any aggressive feelings that one may have accumulated. I'll show you how the finished ones look later, when they're done. As always too many wonderful things to do, to get to them all!

Off to meet Lynne Armstrong at the Blue Whole Gallery and David at Fort Worden this afternoon...It's my Day Off!



Blogger jenuineindigo1 said...

Enjoying your creations! Blessings, Jen

6:55 PM  
Blogger jenuineindigo1 said...

Enjoying your creations! Blessings, Jen

6:55 PM  

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