Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creative Frenzy

OH MY GODDESS! I've started a second blog--as if I didn't already have way too much to do. Barb Kobe and I have teamed up on the Hot Flash Women site at so please follow us there as well. The Celebration of Women is just too big for one blog to contain! The dancing friends to the left are from my new online experience, Hot Flash Women. Sign up NOW!

I am rapidly reaching a major milestone in my life, the age of 65, when I carry a Medicare card in my wallet, but still have to keep my day job in order to be able to afford to stay in my lovely home on the hill. Luckily, OT's (Occuational Therapists) remain in short supply on the Peninsula, so it looks as if I can continue gainful employment, and even get back to working only four days a week, with Wednesdays off, starting next month, to keep my Art Self alive and nurtured.

ART is taking a larger and larger chunk of what I
laughingly referred to as "Free Time," but I'm not complaining at all. I want to do as much looking and
drawing and painting as I can, as long as I can see
to do most people of my age, parts of my
body's engine are starting to wear out, and unfortunately for me, it's my eyes. Little chunks of retina are being
obscured by drusen--deposits of something that doesn't
belong there. No huge crisis at the moment, except for
my own acceptance of my mortality.

Anyway, good excuse for a 5-year project, to take me
until retirement. You know I've been fascinated by doing
portraits for several years now, and the 100 HOT FLASH WOMEN Project, photographing and painting at least
100 women of all ages that I admire for their spirit and style will give me a good reason to keep turning out the
paintings...and drawings.

Dianne Drake (above) runs the Sunshine Cafe in Sequim with her husband. They will be showing my work for the months of March and April...and I'll be ending a show of my paintings at Red Rooster in Sequim for February...Port Angeles better get moving, as Sequim is becoming the neighborhood of Artistic Activity. Stop and see me at Sunshine during First Friday Art Walk, March 2nd, 5-8. I'll take your picture.

Last weekend I was one of the attractions at Olympic Cellars, drawing 10-min portraits for $10 each during the Red Wine and Chocolate Festival. When I wasn't drawing for money, I was practicing with water soluble crayon drawing from photos I took for my painting project.

Next is Barbara Houshmand, an Amazing quilt and mixed media artist living between Port Angeles and Sequim...I hope to get to see you and your new work soon, Barbara.

Another sign of aging, I have a new Grand Niece, Avery Marie Lind, born one month ago, and she will be my youngest Hot Flash Woman portrait.

Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, the culture maven of Sequim, is of course flashy all the time, and even had
a whole head of curls at February's Art Walk...and that RED eye shadow...Ou La La!

One minor distraction: spring is coming and croci are in bloom, in spite of the brief blowing snow today...the outdoors calls when the weeds start to pop, and more stones need arranging...I'll just have to draw faster!



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