Monday, September 03, 2012

Following the Bliss...where-ever!

Cool Rock I found in my yard yesterday
A four-day weekend is a treasure to an artist who has to work to keep the roof over the studio. See my other blog: hotflashwomen for Anita and my spontaneous over night trip to sleep in a different country. As Anita says, "If I saved $50 a week from now until forever, I still wouldn't have enough to retire on."

So, simple pleasures, like beautiful rocks, a Round Robin with doll and journal, making paper dolls... so happy that I took the 20 years off from a "serious" work life to enjoy making Art and working for myself. Now I know how to do both work     and play.

One of my pages in the round robin journal from Thea
 Playing with dolls, Playing with paper, images, and ideas...and I still have one more day to go!

More lovely indulgences tomorrow: A haircut, a massage, and lunch with Bertha Cooper...maybe we'll solve the health 
care one of my elderly patients 
told me unexpectedly: "there are just
Too many people!"

The first sketch for the body for the gourd doll

Pursue simple pleasures, and keep your mind engaged. Can we share nicely?

Next: play a movie and do some Fabric Journal beading.


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