Sunday, September 02, 2012

France Romance

David and Doug at Ray's Seafood Birthday for David
Several years ago I started a fabric journal titled France/Romance, and I've returned to working on it this summer. Several years ago I was very tempted to teach a week-long class at a chateau in Southern France, but since I would be taking all the financial risk and making all the arrangements, I decided not to do it.

My lunch at Ray's. The smoked scallops were Amazing!  

Now I take the ferry to the mainland, when I can for family events, like David's birthday party at Ray's Seafood last weekend, but do the rest of my traveling in my imagination.

In grade school, the two places I did projects on were France and Egypt, and I have been to both of them in person. Now I sometimes miss family events in Seattle, like the visits from our Midwest Nieces and Megan's husband, who we hope to lure to the West Coast more frequently now.

With Facebook, I see the delicious meals they have been having. Food is a big Favorite in the Hastings Family and social events are organized around food, with pictures to document the gorgeous colors, textures, and flavors. Will food be my last remaining sensual pleasure?

New glasses making me look intelligent, hip, sex

Last April I had a scare about my vision:
the growths on my retinas (drusen) seemed 
to be taking away, too rapidly, my ability to see,
and I feared I'd have to give up my new Honda
Fit, PLUS only be able to do sculpture by feel, 
instead of my current vast range of Art

Thankfully The cataract surgery I had in
April has improved my sight greatly. New glasses
that David helped me choose, with color on top
of the lenses to make up for my fading eyebrows.
04/08/12 from my journal: "one old eye, one new
eye. I play with looking first from the clear eye 
(left) then from the right, still covered by the brown
film. I am intent at 65 on seeing all that I can. Al
Jaffee (Mad Magazine) at 89, is still alive and 

Part of a new paper doll with envelope series

So the France/Romance fabric journal builds an imaginary class/experience, and the new paper doll series, inspired by a fan in Texas, has me back to pawing through all my bits and pieces of found stuff. 

I just finished applying to MAC in Sequim for a solo show of my Hot Flash Women Portraits...24 finished and one of Vickie Dodd in the works. Visual Art and stories make me happy, and I can create my own Universes. 

I treated myself to 10 new flat rocks for the holiday and have already planted them around my house.

David BD paper doll

Rising costs outpace my salary, and the treats get smaller
and smaller, BUT I do have my imagination and my art 
projects to keep me happy and traveling All Over the Universe.

I am lucky to be employed and in a home that is perfect for my needs, and there are No boundaries to Imagination!



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